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How to choose the best pet online

Which Pet?

Are you a Dog person or a Cat Person or maybe some other pet?  What is the right pet for you depends on you and the breed.  Finding the best pet online just got easier.  Whether you are looking to find out if you are best suited to a Dog a Cat or some other pet we can help. Our goal is to provide simple easy to read information to help you select, care for, and maintain healthy owner pet relationships. But how does one select the best pet for their own situation? Whether you are seeking the companionship of a dog, cat, bird, reptile, fish,  or other exotic animal we’ve got the basics covered!  The best pet is the pet that is matched most closely to your home living conditions and meshes well with your work schedule.

As a loyal friend and guardian to your pets, you have certain responsibilities to provide food, shelter, and veterinary care to ensure your birds, dogs, cats, and all other pet’s health and safety. As some pets such as dogs are “man’s best friend,” so are we our “pet’s best friend,” and we should be willing to attend to their needs before our own. Pet ownership is a long-term commitment resulting in mutually rewarding companionship for both people and pets.

Getting Acquainted with Your New Dog, Cat or other Pet

Whether you purchase a pedigreed pet from a reputable breeder, or rescue one from the animal shelter; whether you find it in your local paper or through a search in Yahoo, it will be totally dependent on you for its care and well-being. It is important to build mutual trust and loyalty from the start, by spending as much time together, and training it to be responsive and obedient. The best pet owners take the time needed to bond with their pets as soon as they take on ownership responsibility.  The local humane society or pet club may offer obedience classes. A well-behaved pet will ensure a good relationship with your neighbors, and will be a joy to own.

Provide a Warm, Dry, Safe Place for Your Pet to Live

Never leave two or more pets together unattended unless you have observed them frequently and are sure they are compatible. Dogs and Cats can get along fine in most cases, but this is not always true so don’t leave them alone when they are first becoming acquainted.  Be sure to take larger pets such as dogs or potbelly pigs outside often (at least three times a day) to urinate and defecate to avoid accidents, and always provide clean, fresh water. Pets quickly adapt to a routine, and come to expect the same activities on a daily basis. It’s best to set the routine early in your relationship.

Unless you plan to raise babies, it is important to spay (removal of ovaries and uterus) or neuter (removal of testicles) your pet. This will prevent objectionable behavior, such as roaming and fighting, and help your pet enjoy a longer, healthier life. In addition, spaying of females lowers the risk of mammary cancer.  The best pet owners prevent unwanted pets by taking these necessary precautions seriously.

Purchase a license if your city or town requires it, and attach it to the pet’s collar, along with an identification tag containing your name and address in order to expedite finding a lost pet. This is especially important for male cats who tend to wander and for all dogs as there are some people that are simply not dog friendly.  Microchip I.D.’s are now available from your veterinarian. It is a good idea to name a caretaker for your four-legged friend, in case of your death, or hospitalization, just as you would for a child.

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